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Never Be Late, Light or Last

When I attended the U.S. Army's Special Forces Assessment and Selection course; commonly known as Selection, the Cadre always told us "Don't be late, light or last."  Words that you were required to follow in order to get … [Read More...]

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One Simple Trick for Increasing Efficiency and Effectiveness

In a previous post, I asked the question should you cancel all of your meetings?  In this post, I stressed the point that many of the meetings we often fill our day with are pointless - or at least not as effective and efficient as they could be. … [Read More...]


If You Find It, Fix It

I can count the number of times on one hand that I wore my military class-A uniform while in the Army: 1) basic training/AIT graduation, 2) Special Forces Qualification Course graduation, 3) 3rd Special Forces Group ball, and 4) ROTC graduation for my teammates wife... … [Read More...]

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Don’t Wait Until Tomorrow

We've all experienced some kind of  life event that stops us in our tracks, and makes us think about how we're living our life.  Are we living it to the fullest, and surrounding ourselves with people doing the same, or are we just going through the motions?  When these type … [Read More...]

Outside Brief 005

Outside Brief 005

The Outside Brief is a selected group of articles and stories that recently caught my attention from around the web. 1. 7 Reasons Why You Will Never Do Anything Amazing With Your Life > Raymmar I love this guys in-your-face writing style.  He's calling you (and me) … [Read More...]

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Outside the Wire

The expression outside the wire, is often used within military circles when referring to going on a mission that takes you outside of the firebase - the protective walls oftentimes made of Hesco barriers serving as the wire.  It should be obvious that you can't do much from … [Read More...]